Do you have a traveler in your family that you would like to give some gifts to this holiday season? There are many different types of gifts you can give to someone who adventures this year. Whether it be a new bag or some convenient tools to help travel the world, here are some new gadgets and toys for the grand adventurer in your life.


  1. High Sierra Access Laptop Backpack

Any traveler whether they are a seasoned pro or have just begun their journey as a frequent adventurer needs proper bags and luggage to travel with. This backpack is essential for those who need a big bag that will be sturdy enough to last throughout the normal wear and tear of traveling. It comes in various colors and styles to fit your giftee’s taste perfectly. It also comes at the price of $50 on


  1. Olloclip iPhone Lens Set

This is for those who love to take photos when they are out adventuring the world. The Olloclip iPhone lens makes it incredibly easy to take stunning images right on your iPhone. This smartphone accessory also saves space in your bag by leaving your expensive camera at home. This product retails at $120 on


  1. The Trtl Pillow

The Trtl pillow is perfect for the traveler who takes red-eye flights and sleeps in uncomfortable places in order to save some money. It is designed to be compact enough to fit into your travel bags or luggage with ease. It not only supports your neck but also keeps your neck warm and cozy. The pillow’s price is $22 is available right on


  1. 5-in-1 Universal Travel Adapter

The perfect stocking stuffer for an international traveler. This may be one of the most overlooked aspects of traveling – charging. Many countries have different outputs of electricity. This $35 tool can save a traveler a lot of headaches and money away from home. The adapter is available on Nordstrom’s online store.


  1. Cork Globe

Anyone who has visited many different places may tend to forget all the different locations they have experiences. This cork globe is not only a great piece to make a room more interesting, it also keeps track of all the places you have visited in your lifetime. It is available on for $48