As travel to faraway destinations becomes more and more common, people crave to know how they can experience a new city like a true local. When you go on a trip, most travel websites offer advice on what the must-see attractions are and how to find the best restaurants. While you probably should see the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France, or the Roman Baths in Bath, England, there are plenty of other incredible sights and experiences waiting for you that most tourists never find. Learn to experience a new city like a true local and you’ll be in for an incredible trip.


Find a unique place


The typical attractions and landmarks can be beautiful and interesting, but take time to find some truly unique places to visit. Use the reviews and comments on travel sites to find suggestions for a neat place to visit that most people don’t know about. You can also utilize the knowledge of locals by connecting with them on social media or finding a forum that specializes in a specific city; your odds are pretty good of finding great suggestions there!


Do lots of research


Before you leave for your trip, spend careful time researching the country or city you’re traveling to. Make an effort to learn key phrases if a different language is spoken there and learn about any local customs you may encounter. In your research, it’s likely you’ll come across insider information that isn’t known to most tourists. The more the know about a place, the better you’ll fit in once you get there.


Interact with locals


A local will be the best person to help you experience a new place, so attempt to connect with them, either before you leave for your trip or once you’re at your destination. Some cities even offer a program where tourists can pair up with locals who will give them a tour of the city. Don’t be shy about asking the locals where you’re staying or at different stores about the best places to eat or walk through while you’re visiting.


Stay somewhere different


This advice holds multiple benefits; the hotels near major landmarks and attractions are usually the most expensive. If you find places to stay off the beaten path, you’ll save money and also experience a genuine feel of the city and not the touristy area. Utilize sites like Airbnb to find great local apartments that will seriously enhance your experience.


Get authentic food


It’s easy to find recommendations for the most popular restaurants and cafes, but what about when you want authentic food at smaller locations that the locals actually eat at? A restaurant may be world-renowned, but most people living in that city don’t regularly eat there. Ask locals you come in contact with where their favorite place to eat is and find out what the traditional food of the city or country is, then look for restaurants that serve that dish.


Wander around


When traveling to a new city, there’s usually nothing quite as rewarding as simply wandering around. Get up in the morning, have some coffee, and stroll around the neighborhood you’re staying in or the surrounding area, as long as it’s safe. Avoid scheduling plans back to back and instead allow yourself time to relax and soak in the scenery.