Traveling with technology makes a trip flow with ease. Apps are such an easy way to avoid complications or awkward situations while traveling. Here are some must-have apps for your upcoming adventure!



Waze is a popular traffic and navigation app that gives real-time updates on traffic and accidents. It prides itself on being the world’s largest community-based navigation app. Other drivers can share information about specific routes. This app works get in highly populated areas so if you plan on visiting a large city, Waze works well if you plan on driving in a new place.


Google Trips

Google Trips is a must have app for those who love a tight schedule while traveling. It has a great user interface that is easy to use for everyone. Reservations, locations, and things-to-do are all collected in one app, thanks to Google. If you are a high organized planner and intend on visiting multiple locations on your trip, this app is for you.



This app is quite helpful for becoming familiar with a new language before you go to a different country. Duolingo gets you acquainted with a new language by exercising your mind with fun exercises. It has multiple sections within a language program that focus on different subjects of a language from numbers, asking for directions and food. This app pushes you at a steady pace to learn the basics of a new language.



Hotel finding has never been easier or cheaper with AsYouStay. This app allows users to book certain hotel rooms without the commitment of staying days at a time. AsYouStay lets you book hotel rooms for hours at a time. Users can book rooms starting at one hour and then stops after 24-hours. This app is great for when you need to kill a few hours or take a power nap while in a different place. Hotels range from independently-owned to larger franchised hotels, like Hilton.



Are you ever finding yourself anxious while trying to rest on a trip? Binaural is an app that is an experience that can aid you in your relaxation. It has trance-like beats that help users meditate, sleep, or even concentrate when you are on a long plane ride or need a break from your trip. The audio can be adjusted to the frequency that is the most relaxing for the user. It even has a timer that can time your moment of relaxation.



One of the most frustrating situations that can happen when you are traveling is complications when you are flying. Cancellations and delays are frustrating but now you may get paid for your time wasted! AirHelp helps users possibly get compensated for flight problems. It also enforces the airline to reimburse you for your trouble.