There are many who hate even the thought of traveling. Whether it be on a plane or a car, feeling anxiety over travel is quite common for some. The problem could be getting on a plane to the fear of being away from home for too long. There are a few ways to help manage your fear when leaving your comfort zone.


Know Your Triggers

Knowing what can set you off while traveling can be the best information to help comfort your fears of traveling.The fear of something going wrong on a trip is quite normal if it is a new experience for you. Identifying where your stressors are can ultimately help you overcome them.

Creating a list of what triggers you while traveling is a great way to see a visual representation of your fears. Seeing your fears is the first step to be able to find ways to take control over individual ones.


Find Comfort

When you are having to leave your safe place or your home, find items or practices that give you comfort. It will give you a peace of mind and also will begin to allow your mind to cope with the anxieties that are bubbling up inside of you. Whether you find comfort in food or a soft blanket, prepare and bring those items along with you during your travels.

If you find that you want a lot of information about the place you are going, research extensively to put your mind at ease. It will allow your mind to settle because you will have a better understanding of what the future holds once you arrive at your destination. Grab a book about the city you visiting or about how to manage a stressful situation.



Yes, it is quite the cliche to ask someone who is anxious to just breathe but it actually does help. Not only is it good for your body and mind, it helps as a simple coping mechanism to keep your attention on you and not on the situation of a bumpy flight or a stressful situation.


Be Okay with the Unexpected

The one factor with traveling is that there is always a chance of something unexpected to happen whether it be a flight delay, flat tire, or a general cancellation of an event. It is up to you to be at ease when the unexpected happens. Go back to your coping mechanism of breathing and you will be able to handle any situation while traveling.