There’s nothing worse than planning out the perfect trip or vacation and something going wrong along the way. From losing your luggage, lack of communication, to carrying too much stuff around, vacation relaxation can be ruined at any given moment. However, with the increase in technology, these high-tech gadgets will help simplify and make your trip easier than ever. Check out these items for your next travels!


Bluesmart Suitcase

If you’ve always needed the convenience of a smart phone and luggage combined, the Gods have answered your prayers. The Bluesmart Suitcase is unlike no other. For one, you can make sure all of your belongings are safe and secure as you can lock and unlock your suitcase from the touch of your iphone. The suitcase also offers a built in usb charger, which will allow you to charge your phone and tech products on the go! If you’re the lucky one who always tends to lose luggage on your traveling trips, this suitcase is for you. The high-tech luggage piece has a built-in GPS installed, so you can track your suitcase from wherever you are. One you purchase this suitcase, you’ll never go back to the old days.


Mobile Wifi

Nowadays, it’s almost impossible to travel anywhere without the source of the internet. Data charges can become ridiculously expensive when it comes to traveling, especially overseas. However, fear no more! One of the best gadgets you should invest into on your next trip is a portable pocket wifi device. Although there are plenty options to choose from, these devices are perfect for travel to almost anywhere in the world. Some companies allow you to rent these devices for as little as $10 per day. You’ll be able to keep your friends and family updated while across the globe. It’s also great to have in case of emergencies or in the case of getting lost.


Scrubba Washbag

Traveling can be such a hassle especially when you have three or four luggage bags to carry around. The real reason why people overpack on trips is because they’re afraid of running out of clean clothing. However, the revolutionary Scrubba Wash Bag is changing the way people travel and cutting back on over-packing. The Scrubba wash bag is made for washing your clothes on the go, simply by adding your dirty clothes and water to the bag. It is small enough to bring in your purse or carryon, and you’ll have clean clothes in no time! The organization also focuses on giving back to the communities by donating money to organizations helping those who live in areas with scarce water. This wash bag is changing lives and changing travels.