The country of China is quite large and has many different cities and destinations to travel to. It is packed with rich culture and various learning opportunities. Planning a trip to this country comes with a strict itinerary and a bit of preparation. Whether you want to experience Shanghai or visit the Great Wall of China, planning ahead will help with not only language barriers but also avoiding spreading your travel time too thin.



One major factor regarding a trip to China would be the plan before the trip. Many say that visiting multiple destinations in the country is quite exhausting. Attempting to see various hot spots can leave you needing another vacation! Planning a trip that is respectful of time and distance will keep your energy up while getting the most out of your trip. There is no need to cram in sites that you just do not have the time to see.

Another aspect of China that many tend to overlook is the extreme language barrier between the locals and non-native speakers. The biggest challenge when visiting China is learning how to maneuver yourself throughout the language. A great way to prepare for your trip to China would be to start learning phrases early. It is actually quite essential that you have some basic knowledge of the language before entering the country. Even taking Mandarin courses before your stay would greatly reduce the miscommunication that could potentially happen while you are there. A pocket dictionary or a translation app could turn into your best friend while in this country.



Whether you want to experience a bright, fast-paced city like Shanghai or go to a remote destination to enjoy the landscape, China an offer both. Since China is so large, planning what you want to see and for how long will give your trip the customization it needs. It has some of the world’s largest deserts, jungles, grasslands, and even cities. It would take months to experience every aspect China properly. Do not feel you need to see everything in one trip. If you chose a destination or a region of the country, thoroughly enjoy that region until you feel you have experienced all you can.

One of the best places to stay in Beijing. It is a great city to stay in and simply explore. This is home to The Great Wall and the Forbidden City and many other spectacular sites. This city is so modern yet filled with rich history of China’s past.