As you may know, in June of this year, President Trump announced new regulations that will make travel to Cuba by U.S. citizens more difficult, if not impossible. Until the regulations take effect, however, it’s still possible for Americans to visit the country under the proper circumstances.

Note that as of this writing, Americans who wish to visit Cuba need to fit into one of 12 categories in order to obtain a visa. For a complete list of the countries for which a visa is not required, visit this map on Wikipedia.

With the death of Fidel Castro in November 2016, Cuba became a popular tourist destination again — not just for American travelers, but for the world in general. Some of those visitors came expecting to see an immediate change in the country; others wanted to see the “old” Cuba before the expected changes could be implemented. Whichever side you take, there’s plenty to see and do in “the sugar bowl of the world.”

When should you plan your trip? There are strong cases to be made for any time of the year, depending on your interests. Bear in mind that July through early November is hurricane season, so if good weather is important to you on your vacation, you might want to visit during the drier months of mid-November through March. Whichever time of year you choose, there’s no shortage of goings-on. Here are a few examples:

Festival de la Trova Longina, January — a music festival held in Santa Clara

Havana International Book Fair,February — a must for fans of Latino literature

Festival de Habano, February and March — a taste of heaven for cigar aficionados

May Day, May — a nationwide celebration, with parades beginning at sunrise

Trinidad Carnival, June — a multiday event in honor of San Juan

July 26, July — the day the country gathers to honor the start of the Cuban Revolution

CDR Anniversary, September — a great chance for visitors to interact with the natives

Havana Film and Jazz Festivals, December — for those seeking a taste of local culture

In addition, there are many holiday celebrations occurring in late December; check the website for whatever town you’ll be visiting to see what’s on offer.

For more detailed information regarding the steps, you’ll have to take to obtain a visa, see the excellent Globotreks

article on the issue. Have a safe and happy journey!