Travel to: Germany

Millions of tourists flock to Germany every year to enjoy the culture, sights and take part in a variety of exciting German activities. There is so much to do in this beautiful country that it is important to have a thought-out plan before you go. Keep these tips in mind while you are preparing for your next vacation to Germany so you don’t run into any issues while you are enjoying your stay.


  1. Accessing Germany

You can enter the country in any almost anyway possible: by foot, car, train, airplane, or boat. Tourists are allowed to stay in Germany without a Visa for up to 3 months, so make sure you keep this in mind if you are staying for a long period of time.


  1. Check Your Passport

Like many countries, your passport must remain unexpired throughout your entire time in Germany. Since the maximum amount of time you can remain in the country without a Visa is 3 months, you will need to prove that it is not expiring within three months of the time you enter the country. Many tourists choose to renew their passport before traveling if the expiration date is coming up, so taking this precaution can save you a world of potential trouble.


  1. Get Vaccinated

Germany requires that you are up-to-date on certain vaccines to prevent the spread of communicable diseases. Approximately a month before you travel, check your vaccine records. Make sure you are current on your MMR vaccine and DPT vaccine. This keeps you and others safe and reduces the chance of illness.


  1. Buy a Transformer

Germany uses different wattage for their electronics. Buying a transformer that you can plug into your laptop or other electronics can prevent damage. A multiuse transformer is recommended, or you can purchase individual type “C” Europlugs or Shuko plugs Type “E” and “F”. There are many options that combine a transformer plug and adapter into one device for convenience.


  1. Plan Your Trip

There are some areas in Germany, such as the Holocaust Memorial, that may be too much for young children. Plan your activities before you go so you can be sure that you have plenty of time to enjoy all that Germany has to offer!