India is packed full of colorful culture and rich, bold cuisine. Traveling to this country is a guaranteed learning experience paired with an adventure through a culture that is completely new. Yet, there are some important information and research to prepare for the way Indian culture differs from your own. Here are a few tips on how to have a fun and safe trip to the country of India.


Food and Diet

One of the biggest issues that India has is their clean water problem. Always only drink bottled water from respected vendors or stores. Tap water or ice cubes can also be contaminated with bacteria or can be just plain unclean water. Always be cautious when drinking any water that does not come directly from a bottle.

In addition to drinking clean water, it is suggested to not consume certain food while in India. Raw or uncooked food usually does not sit well with most tourist’s digestive system. As well, the people of India are not popular for their consumption of meat. Many suggest that tourists eat strictly from a vegetarian diet.


Cultural Difference

There are a few oddities to Indian culture that are quite different to the rest of the work. One of the biggest differences is the concept of personal space and the lack of it. In addition to squished personal space in public places, India has a very modest culture. You will stick if you were either tight or revealing clothes. Many Indian people have their shoulders and arms covered as well as their legs.

Shoes are normally not worn in stores or other public places so if you see shoes sitting outside of places of business, be sure to take your shoes off. Another quirky cultural gesture to avoid is to pass anything with your left hand. Your left hand is considered unclean because they use that hand for personal hygiene.



New Delhi is the capital of the country and also has many attractions and sights to see while traveling. The city is known to be polarizing because it is hectic yet calm simultaneously. The 17th century Red Fort is a conglomerate of domes and turrets and is a spectacular building to see. Also, the India Gate is a staple as the national monument of India that honors soldiers who died in World War I and the Third Afghan War.