The romantic idea of Ireland is often filled with grassy mountains, thick accents, and pubs across the country. For many parts of the country, that is indeed the case. There is more to the country than beer and accents, it is rich with Celtic culture and beauty for every location on this European island. When traveling to the wonderful land of Ireland, here are few things not to miss.


What to Prepare for

One of the biggest suggestions for those who plan on visiting Ireland as a tourist is to rent a car. Many fear the thought of driving in another country but if you are a confident driver, you will pick up with ease. Ireland does not have the best public transportation across the country so if you want to see a vast majority of the country, a rental car is necessary.

As well, you have more flexibility with traveling places when you do not have to rely on others for transportation. It will allow you to have more fun impromptu experiences at any moment. The value of your own rental car outweighs not having one.

When staying in either a region or a city, be sure to stay for more than one night. This is to truly get the full Irish experience of a given location. Also, there is nothing more tiring than constantly moving from place to place while traveling. Staying two nights at a location will allow for more longevity during your travels. Think of creating “hubs” when you are traveling. Plan out days that have attractions you want to see close by.


Places to See

Of course, a trip to Ireland without visiting the capital city, Dublin would be a sad excuse for an adventure. The city is a dynamic and exciting part of the country. Even though the city may be on the smaller size, it is an essential must-see aspect of Ireland. The buildings alone make the city such an aesthetically pleasing site to see.

The Midlands is another part of the country that is a must-see. Outside the main routes of Dublin, there are some stunning views of the landscape to take in. There are dairy farms along the countryside with glass-like lakes. A spectacular sight to see is the odd gardens of Tullynally Castle.

Killarney National Park also is jammed packed, full of mountains, lakes, and woodlands. It contains roaming wild herds of red deer, which have been there for thousands of years. The wildlife is full of rare creatures.