The idea of traveling to Italy can be similar to a romantic daydream. This European country is surrounded by blue seas and diverse neighboring countries. Italy is home to some of the most beautiful cities in the world from Rome to Florence. Traveling to Italy to experience the rich history through art and architecture would be no mistake.


Create a Plan

Italy is jammed pack with sites to see and experiences to be had. It is important that you manage your time wisely when traveling to this peninsula. A good tip for the beginning of your trip would be to fly into Venice and work your way down to Florence. In order to see the most amount of cities and locations, be sure to have a well-formed route of your time in Italy.

Many who go without a plan end up not getting to see everything the wanted because they did not plan their time efficiently. Whether Italy is your main destination or a stop on your European tour, it is sure to leave a lasting impression on your adventure.

As well, the train system is the main mode of transportation between city to city, for tourists. Trains are not overly expensive and are relatively fast when considering a tight schedule and a drive to see as much of Italy as you can.

Timing is also important when creating a plan. It is suggested to never visit during the month of August. This is because August 15th is a national holiday and many take vacations during the weeks prior and after the 15th. You will find streets to be less active and prices of hotels to be raised due to the lack of traffic during the month.


Where to Go

Of course, Rome and Venice are must see cities during your time in Italy but Florence and Milan are also stunning cities to experience. Yes, these cities may have the “tourist” cliche to them but people come to experience them for a reason: the are lively and full of activities.

The general rule of thumb is to visit Florence for at least two days. Be sure to climb atop the Duomo, as well. It is a small city that is packed with gems left and right. The Renaissance was born in this city so it is important to not only experience the city but learn why the rich culture is prevalent there.  

Venice is full of lovely canals so it would be a missed opportunity if you do not take a gondola ride along the streets of Venice. It would also not be a complete trip to Venice without visiting the Doge Palace or Saint Mark’s Basilica.