New Zealand is a visually stunning island right off the coast of Australia. It is made up of two main pieces of land, identified as the Noth Island and the South Island with hundreds of smaller surrounding islands. It was one of the last islands discovered and settled by humans. Due to its location, it also has a distinct collective biodiverse life.

  1. New Zealand is Different Than Australia


On New Zealand’s North Island, they are closer to Polynesia than Australia. While the South Island is a bit more like Scottland. This can be noticed in the way New Zealand’s speak. Locals in the South Island roll their r’s and the landscape can resemble Ireland or Canada at points


  1. Rugby is not only a sport…

Rugby is not just a sport for Kiwis, it is a way to bond and create a sense of community. It also creates a sense of national pride and is a staple for the country’s national identity. Their commitment to rugby pride can also be to a fault. The mood of the communities can easily change due to the loss or win of their team.


  1. Four seasons in one day

The climate of New Zealand is mostly mild with a lot of rain. Summer does not normally arrive until late December. It is best to avoid going to resort and beach areas


  1. Art Deco Architecture

Due to a massive earthquake, the leveled the city in 1931, Napier had to rebuild. During the 1930s, art deco architecture rebuild took over Napier. There is no other location in the Southern Hemisphere has such a concentration of buildings in the 1930’s art deco style. From Stripped Classical, Spanish Mission, and Art Deco are reflected heavily in their buildings.


  1. Tip Top Ice Cream

Kiwis love Tip Top ice cream so much so that they claim it is the best in the Southern Hemisphere. Their most popular flavor, hokey pokey, sells almost five million litres on an annual basis.


  1. Friendly Kiwis

The general attitude of most locals is very kind. They are unafraid to stop and have a small conversation, help you with where you are going and let you know the best local places to see while you are visiting.