Australia, called the “Land Down Under,” is our planet’s sixth largest country measured by area. Sydney is one of its largest cities, is also the capital of New South Wales, and is the point where most North American flights land so that tourists can begin to explore the country.


When to go?

If you want to visit when the weather is the most pleasant, October to March is the busiest tourism period. If you want to save money, go during their winter months, which are the North American summer months. The different airlines are competitive and will often have discounts or special packages including hotel stays.


What is needed to enter the country?

Citizens of the USA must pay for an electronic visa online a minimum of two weeks before traveling. An “electronic passport” with a microchip can be presented at special kiosks at immigration for a quick entry. You must also fill out an immigration card when you enter and again upon leaving.



Sydney is extremely walkable. If you need to travel by bus, train, or ferry, you can purchase an Opal Card at a newsstand. That is a transit card with a stored value and is the most convenient and cheapest way to access public transportation. Metered taxis are also available.



Those rates also go down in their winter. If the hotels are not part of your package, you have a wide variety of accommodations to choose from. At the top is the Sydney Park Hyatt in the range of $700 a night. Highly-rated lodgings include serviced apartments with amenities. The most reasonable value, according to Trip Advisor, is the Pullman Quay Grand Sydney with advertised rates as low as $160 per night.



Examples of some of the many popular ones are:


Sydney Opera House

On the harbor, it is distinctive with its sail-like design. It took 17 years to build, and a regular tour lasts one hour or the backstage one takes two hours.


Sydney Harbor Bridge

Climbing this bridge is a highlight of many trips, especially at sunrise or twilight when you can take amazing pictures.


“Shrimp on the Barbie” and Other Food

Sydney has quite a food culture including unusual items that also include tasty Australian beef, lamb dishes, other Mediterranean-inspired recipes, the popular Tim Tam Chocolate Biscuits, and other delicacies. There is also an annual Good Food Month every October with street food festivals and other culinary events


Sydney Festival

This is another annual festival held each January with approximately 400 contemporary cultural performances and 140 events that are performed by over 1,000 artists.