With 2017 coming to an end, everyone is beginning to prepare for travel plans next year. Whether it be a summer family trip or a long weekend in the spring, it is important to begin your planning now. Starting your vacation plans as soon as possible will allow you the widest selections of availability at the most affordable price. Waiting to book a hotel, flight, or rental home on a short notice will only result in higher prices.

Here are some of the top countries to consider traveling in the upcoming year:


5 – China

The country of China has some the densest populations in the world but it is also full of beauty and adventure in various regions. The Chinese have created high-speed rail tracks which is not the largest HSR network on the globe. As well, the imperial palace in Běijīn, also known as the Forbidden City, has been renovated the past few years. The country, as a whole, has invested in its transportation and tourist locations making an ideal spot for anyone across the world want to come visit.


4 – Mauritius

If you are looking for a stock-photo perfection peach, island idyll is renowned for its bold seas and even more for its high-end beach resorts. This location is the ultimate beach getaway. If you are looking for diving adventures in the coral reef to kayaking across the sea, Mauritius is for you. It has the nickname, “Star and Key of the Indian Ocean” for a reason. The reason why Mauritius makes the best place to travel of 2018 list is not only because of its beauty, it because the country is celebrating fifty years of independence, which something not to miss.


3 – New Zealand

New Zealand is a country that is so diverse in the landscape in culture it makes it a must-see this upcoming year. If you want beautiful seas, mountains, and rich culture all in one, New Zealand is the perfect place to go next year. Not only is a great location, it is quite easy to travel to as well.


2 – South Korea

This country is called the “compact playground” for good reason. Seoul is the city that truly drives the country’s modernity. The city received a major boom with the opening of Seoul-lo 7017 – which is a major high-line park with cafes, libraries and even nightlife attractions all on one strip.


1 – Chile

The country is a bit of an outlier when it comes to being connected to the rest of South America. It has such a rich diversity in landscape from bone-dry desert to the beautiful Pacific Ocean, down to hiking the snow-topped mountains across the country. Chile has everything you need.