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Jutta Curatolo is devoted to helping people who struggle with addiction and mental health.

Jutta Curatolo is an advocate of mental health awareness and is particularly passionate in helping those afflicted by mental disorders. Mental disorders, commonly known as mental illnesses, affect mental health and as a result, can influence moods, behaviors, emotions, and thoughts and thought processes. While there are many disorders, some of the most common ones include eating, personality, psychotic, and anxiety disorders—an umbrella categorization that covers generalized anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorders, panic, and traumatic stress disorders—as well as depression, bipolar, and other mood disorders. Similar to physical ailments, mental disorders can manifest as occasional or chronic conditions.

While there isn’t necessarily a single cause for mental illness, a myriad of factors can contribute to greater risk. Some of these factors include genetics, biological and chemical imbalances, environmental experiences, and alcohol or drug use. However, mental illnesses are not commonly caused by alcohol or drug use. In some cases, mental disorders can increase the risk of alcohol or drug use, as these substances are used as coping mechanisms; in turn, drug or alcohol abuse can compound symptoms and expressions of mental disorders.

Despite the stigma surrounding mental disorders, they are increasingly common. As someone who has been personally affected by mental disorders, Jutta Curatolo knows how debilitating these conditions can be and how negatively they can impact lives. Because of this, she strives to use her experiences to help others overcome their mental disorders and substance addictions to further their potential.

As a peer mentor of Turning Point, Jutta Curatolo engages with patients suffering from severe mental disorders and addiction, fostering a safe, supportive community where patients can socialize and grow by participating in creative and productive outlets and activities. An avid gardener, Jutta also volunteers at Chelsea Physic Garden, where she works to teach gardening, plant-based medicine, and conservation to disabled children and recovering addicts.

In addition to her work at Turning Point and the Chelsea Physic Garden, Jutta Curatolo is currently a member of Changing 7, a group of individuals with lived experience of treatment and recovery from mental illness and addiction. Along with the six others, Jutta participates in projects that raise awareness of substance abuse, disseminate knowledge of addiction and recovery, and dispel stigmas.

Growing up, Jutta Curatolo had always had a passion for the places unknown. And throughout her life, through each place she ventured, Jutta’s passion has only flourished and grown. Jutta’s zeal for travel cannot be attributed to one single reason, for Jutta’s appreciation goes far deeper than that. Part of her passion comes from the opportunity one has to experience new cultures when traveling. For Jutta, there are few greater experiences than stepping out of your comfort zone to interact with those of a different culture than your own. In doing so, you not only have the chance to learn but furthermore, to grow.

After all, the world is so very large, and no matter where you live you see only the smallest portion of the world around you. Jutta believes that a life well lived and a true education include understanding what is past your own front door. That means throwing yourself into the world and figuring it out from there. When you expand your physical location, you experience beauty on both the micro and the macro levels, in the form of breathtaking landscapes and natural vistas, and in the form of fascinating people who are willing to share their culture, way of life, and stories with you. For every person you meet abroad, each can tell you a unique story that almost constitutes another trip within your trip.

Another part of Jutta’s fondness for travel is the history you’re often presented with during your journeys. She has gathered many artifacts from numerous parts of Africa and India and enjoys immersing herself in different cultures. Whether she is meeting someone from a metropolis or from a remote tribe, there is always a rich story to be told from their perspective. It’s during these experiences that Jutta has experienced many firsts. Jutta Curatolo jumps at the opportunity to try something new and appreciates the lessons she has gathered over time.

Costa Rica, Africa, Sicily, Rwanda, and Uganda are just some of the countries Jutta has traveled to. These countries have given experience, knowledge, and passion in her life. She takes a piece of each country’s culture she visits and implements it into her own life to become more respectful of diversity and incorporate different ways of life. With each continent that Jutta travels to, she hopes to grow her knowledge of differing cultures. From watching the gorillas in Uganda to indulging in the food in Sicily, her experiences in these beautiful parts of the world will only add to Jutta’s life story.

Throughout her life, Jutta Curatolo has come to realize that travel doesn’t have to be difficult, nor does it have to be expensive. With every new journey, be it cross-country or simply cross-town, Jutta has found great opportunities! Part of her reasoning behind this blog was to share not only personal stories and aspirations but where to find the maximum value for your travels. Finances should never be a reason to limit your experiences and your worldview by simply staying home. Sure, it can take a little forethought and planning, but there is a trip for every budget, whether cutting costs means staying in hostels and cooking your own food, or simply taking a deeper look at the next town over and discovering hidden treasures right under your nose.
Jutta Curatolo recognizes that her love for travel is a passion shared by many. The excitement Jutta has found in her travels is something she hopes everyone finds in their life. With each new journey, Jutta’s lust for adventure blossoms. Today Jutta hopes to continue to experience all the world has to offer and collect photos, stories, and wonderful memories from her travels. During Jutta’s adventures, she always documents her experiences. She takes photos to not only share her art through her perspective but to also share with other the differences in cultures. Her documentation of her experiences drives her to passion for creating a sense of community and shared an experience through the medium of art.