Summer is right around the corner which means that traveling is a must. Many countries are full of landscapes that no photo can do justice. These countries are ones that you can only experience to understand their true beauty.

  1. Finland

Finland is known for their lakes and how accessible the Baltic Sea is. The Northern Lights are able to be spotted in the Finnish Lapland. The country is full of cozy small towns and cities. One of the must see tourist spot is the mountain of Korvatunturi which has the myth of being the home of Santa Claus.


  1. Columbia

The amazon region in Columbia is home to many exotic animals and indigenous people who still maintain the traditional culture. The country also is surrounded by the Caribbean and South Pacific oceans. Bucaramanga hosts the tourist aspect of Colombia and also the capital, Santander.


  1. Nepal

This country is landlocked right between China and India. It is home to some of the highest mountains including the iconic, Mount Everest. Buddhism’s influence on the culture is quite apparent if you visit Boudhanath, one of the largest stupas in Nepal.


  1. Taiwan

This island, right off the coast of China, is filled with rich traditional Chinese culture and some of the densest cities in the world. Taipei, the country’s capital, is a hub of colorful nightlife and prime entertainment that truly reflects the essence of Taiwan.


  1. India

This South Asian country is filled with diversity from its terrain to the culture. Visiting India would not be complete without seeing the marble mausoleum, the Taj Mahal. To the vast mountains or picturesque beaches, India has it all with a landscape you can only see in person.


  1. Canada

Canada encompasses so many different landscapes of vast wilderness to their grand cities. Vancouver, Mountréal, Toronto, Québec City, and the capital Ottawa host so much of Canada’s heart that you must see them all. A trip to Canada would also not be complete without stopping by Niagara Falls.


  1. Netherlands

This European country is bordered by Germany and the North Sea. Amsterdam is the go-to spot in the Netherlands but there is so much more to this flat and channel-filled country.  Each town is greatly different in terms of individual identity. It is said there is no other place on earth you can hear so many different accents and dialects in a such a tiny place.


  1. Namibia

This country resides in southwest Africa and is mostly known for the Namib Desert that touches the Atlantic Ocean. When you think of Africa, you immediately think of safari and you are not wrong to do so, even though there is much more to this country. Namibia is known for diverse wildlife including a large cheetah population.


  1. Vietnam

Known as the most royal city in Vietnam, Huế is the must see while in Vietnam. It has the Perfume River running right through the center of the city. It has Emperor’s Tombs, artifacts, and food you can not eat anywhere else.


  1. Mongolia

Mongolia is a nation bordered by China and Russia and is also known for its nomadic population. It also is known for having many sunny days ranging about 270 days of the year, which makes it a must to visit.