The travel market is a changing and evolving with new and alternative ways to manage a trip. Many only consider hotels as the only option to finding a place to stay while away from home. Now, there is an another way to find a place to stay when you travel out of town.


What is Airbnb?

Airbnb is a free online service that connects those who are looking to stay at a local’s home or space that is not owned by a large franchise. It allows users to host a space for other users to rent out at an affordable price. This service is ideal for travelers who are looking to get a different experience from a place to stay that is not a franchised hotel.

Prior to Airbnb, couch surfing was the only other alternative for those who would like to open their home to others.This service prides itself on the same idea of being an online community of sharing experiences but protected with a safe and trusted service. Millions use this service to those who would like to host a location or travelers looking for a getaway that is not the expected experience.


Why Should I Use It?

Airbnb offers places to stay around the world. Whether you want to stay in a nice home, a tree house, or a castle in Ireland; this platform offers many exotic places for you to travel to in over 34,000 cities globally. Not only does it give users the opportunity to stay in unexpected places, it provides an interactive experience with a potential host before you even chose to book a location. You can research accommodations based on room type, price, size and even the language of the person hosting the space.

This service is a mutually beneficial experience for both the host and those being hosted. A host can give a unique experience while generating income while the traveler can visit interesting places on a reasonable budget.


Where Should I Start?

If interested in utilizing Airbnb during your travel, a smart place to start would be to research. Not only research the destination you would like to travel to, but research the process of the service. There are security deposits and damage fees that you may want to take into consideration before paying for a host’s spot. As well, research the individual host by reading their reviews of previous travelers and their experience. Airbnb is a revolutionary way to travel but it comes with the responsibility of finding a place that works for you.