As February is finally here, the anticipation of spring may be killing us inside, however, there is still a full month and a half left until we can officially say the gloom of winter is over. As the holidays have all died down, many of us are stuck wondering what we are to do the for the next 29 days until the sun hits us brightly. However, fear not. There is still time to fight the winter blues and ultimately enjoy the last weeks of the dead of winter. With these winter destination trips, you’ll be wishing for winter to come much faster next year. Here are your travel ideas for this month, that’ll get you motivated and excited for the winter weather yet to come.



There’s nothing needed more in the gloomy winter days than a spa-cation. As we all sit around and wait for the first signs of spring, a spa-cation destination may be just what you need to get rid of those winter blues. What better way to do that than destination travel? Canada’s Nordik Spa is one of the greatest spa destinations to travel to in North America. The french inspired spa lies in the outskirts of Quebec, Canada and offers a variety of baths, banyas (saunas) and various body experiences. Whether you have a love-hate relationship with winter or not, experiencing the North American french- inspired city is a must. With history, tourism, and architecture, and frosty playground, is truly the most wonderful way to experience a winter wonderland.


Ski Trip

There’s no better way to spend your long, gloomy days and cold winter nights, than the adrenaline rush and calorie burning skiing down a mountain. One of the only few times to feel at peace yet, on edge is on the slopes. The peacefulness of your surrounding provide you with warmth and comfort, yet the extremeness of coming  down that mountain gets you pumped up and ready to go. February is prime time for visiting a ski resort. As the holidays are over, and spring is just around the corner, it’s still not too late to get your annual trip in. Many ski resorts offer lodging, restaurants, and spas. And don’t forget the amazing views of mother nature in the mountains. You’ll feel so at peace and relaxed after visiting the top ski resorts in North America.



With the blues and gloom in mind, the last thing you want to do is leave your house, right? However, February is one of the best times to take a destination cruise. Whether it’s a European River cruise, a cruise around Alaska, or looking to relax in the sun,  you can never go wrong, booking an all inclusive trip on a gigantic boat. Many cruises offer the ultimate relaxation packages. Others offer rock climbing and water slides. The best part about it, is that you can visit multiple destinations in just a week of time!


Italian Adventure  

What better time to visit Italy than February? As most places will say, February is considered off season for tourist travel, however, this means it could also be one of the best times to take your vacation. For one, the off season means cheaper hotels, flights, and destination tickets. Another reason is that there are less crowds of tourists so you get to save time and money by doing the things you want to do without long lines and waits. Venice is perfect for February travel, as you get to see what the city is really filled like with locals. Winter’s also a great time for all you foodie lovers out there, as you need to stock up to stay warm (wink, wink).


Rail Trail Journey

There’s no better time to experience a rail journey from one side of the continent to the other. Pack a bag and hop on the train to experience a journey of a lifetime. There are many rail trail rides that offer a one stop shop destination (with lodging and food included). The best part about it, is that you can see amazing views of the world while cozied up and relaxed. Most trips are cost friendly and if you’re feeling extra adventurous, you can always hop on and off at destinations.Whether you’re looking to travel across Canada from Vancouver to Calgary, or you want to see your own homeland, taking a train trip is a stress-free and great way to see the world. Here are the five best train trips in canada.


Inspire Yourself

Although the weather may make it quite a challenge to get yourself inspired and motivated to get out of the house and discover new places around the world, it’s the best time to do it. The reason is because the days are short, the nights are long, and there isn’t much to worry about (other than work of course). Taking time to get out of your comfort zone can greatly help expand your mind and inspire you to make traveling a lifelong habit. I say the best thing to do is to travel somewhere you’ve never been before, even if it’s a weekend trip. You can discover new places and give yourself a new perspective of the world. Some people are inspired to travel to places that they have already visited to reminisce on their journeys. Wherever you decide to go, the fact that you put effort to do it is what matter most. You’ll feel much better and inspired through your own self when you get out in the dead of winter!