Wherever you plan to travel to on your next expenditure, packing light and easy may be something to keep in mind. If you remember your first trip, you probably overpacked a whole bunch of unnecessary items, half of which you didn’t use. You can still feel the pain and agony on your shoulder from your carry on, handbag, and two suitcases. But have no fear this time around. We all learn from our mistakes. Here are your guide to preparing for your next adventure, whether you’re backpacking through Europe or journeying through an African safari.


Research Destination

One of the biggest things that leads people overpack, is their lack of research of the destination they are traveling to. For example, packing heels if you’re traveling to England is probably not the best idea, considering that most of the streets are made of cobble stone. If you’re visiting the holy sites of Italy, you probably should know that most people dress conservatively and many places won’t let you into holy sites unless you’re properly dressed. If you plan to backpack across China, why would you bring a suitcase? You will probably want to avoid standing out as a tourist. Therefore, research of the destination you plan to journey through is important to help you get an idea and understand of the culture, values, and overall help you pack for your trip.


Pack only Essentials

Travelers get so excited for their upcoming trips, that they spend their time stressing over packing and unpacking. Who’s to blame? One way to avoid the stress that comes with planning a trip, is to make a list of only essentials that you plan to take on the trip. Many people forget that most destinations they are traveling to have stores (including the airport), so why spend time shopping for items at home? If you’re planning on traveling for two weeks, pack items that you will be able to reuse (most hotels have laundromats). Layers are also a good thing to consider and save space compared to bulky and puffy items. Packing your items into a comfortable carry-on or even a hiking backpack will allow you to comfortably fit your items into one space with comfort and ease. Remember to plan to wear your heaviest items on the trip.


Don’t Overthink

Overthinking leads to overpacking. In other words, if you think you need to pack two pairs of sneakers just in case one pair rips, you’re over packing. The best way to travel is to not sweat the small stuff. You’re traveling to avoid stress, not create it. If a situation happens to come up where you may need something, there are stores all around. Challenges are part of learning experiences. Remember to go with the flow and relax on your trip to enjoy the wonders of the world.