Museums are some of the best spots to visit when traveling. Whether you enjoy a certain era or genre of art, the architecture alone in major museums is enough to keep you entertained. When traveling make sure to add these museums to your list of must-see hot spots.


1.The Louvre

Located in the heart of Paris, France, this museum is easily recognizable from the iconic glass 3D triangle directly in front of the enormous building. It is known for being one of the most popular museums in the world. Realistically, It is actually impossible to view every piece of art in this museum in a day. The Louvre is home to one of the most famous pieces of art, Vincent Van Gogh’s Mona Lisa


2. Metropolitan Museum of Art

This museum is home to many relics and objects dating back to as early as 3800 B.C. The Metro is for any extreme history buff. This museum will educate you on so many different cultural and historical moments in time from across the world that it may be hard to take it all in at once. From mummies in ancient Egypt to hieroglyphics from Mesopotamia, the Metropolitan Museum of Art is a crash course on authentic art reflecting history.


3. British Museum

London is the home of the British Museum where it has 10 curatorial and research departments inside. Its permanent collection houses about 8 million works from across the globe. It is the largest and most comprehensive in existence. The building was open to the public during the 1700s. It expanded over the centuries and even housed the British Library until the 1970s. The reason why this museum is great is because there is no general admission fee, only non-permanent exhibitions cost admission.


4.Museo del Prado

The Prado Museum is home to the largest collection of European art. Located in Madrid, the museum was originally home to paintings and sculptures back in 1819. The most known artwork on display at the museum is Diego Velázquez’s Las Meninas.


5. Modern Museum of Art

The MoMA is home to some of the most modern and edgy art in the world. It resides in NYC in the borough of Manhattan. It is home to multiple world-renowned artists from Claude Monet, Pablo Picasso, and even Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night. A trip to the MoMA will definitely keep you talking about the quirky works inside. Admission is free in the MoMA PS1 section but the full experience comes with access to their non-permanent collections as well.