Birdwatching is a wonderful recreational activity to increase your view of mother nature and her offerings. Many people don’t understand the benefits of bird watching until they’ve gone they’ve experienced the activity for themselves. Avid birdwatchers understand that birdwatching is crucial to increasing awareness of the problems that the ecological system may face. Bird watching helps people increase their perception of the world and the environment. It’s also a great hobby for relaxation and reducing stress. Birds are a beautiful part of nature that enhances our lives. Here are the top ten birds around the world to see in your lifetime.



  • The Golden Pheasant


Also known as the Chinese Pheasant, the species is a beautiful, colored bird that can be found all over the world, including the United Kingdom, Mexico, France, Australia, and the United States. This bird is believed to be derived from China, where its natural habitat includes forested and mountainous areas. The birds can easily be spotted due to its colorful body. Typically the bird has a bright red body with bright yellow heads and back sides. They also have ruffled sides around their face with multiple colors such as blue or green coming down through the body. It is also known for its small, pale colored eyes. Catching a gaze of this bird will leave you in awe as mother nature is the artist displaying her work of art.


  1. Hoatzin

This is a one of a kind bird to see. Found in the forests of the Amazon, it’s beautiful mix of dark brown, beige and white feathers allows the boldness of the blue head and dark red eyes stand out. It’s also known as one of the smelliest birds in the Amazon, so there is no threat to human poaching. This bird feeds on plants and fruits, rather than small rodents and animals. It’s also an interesting bird in the fact that it has two claws on each of its wings, allowing it to move swiftly amongst trees and branches.


  1. Atlantic Puffin

These are one of the most charming birds you can find as it looks like a character out of a cartoon show. With it’s black and white body, brightly colored feet and beak, and dimpled eyes, the Atlantic puffin is a small bird that can be found in North America, Greenland, and the United Kingdom. These birds require the oceanic ecosystem to survive as they hunt fish and small creatures.


  1. Blue-Footed Booby

This is a must see bird, as you’ve probably never seen pastel blue webbed feet and a long blue tinted beak. This bird can be found on parts of the pacific coast all the way down to South America, such as the Galapagos Islands, where the largest living population lives today. It is also interesting to see them walk as they lift one foot up at a time in a slow motion to work their way across ground transportation.


  1. Apo Myna

The Apo Myna is a very interesting sight to see. This is an odd look bird as it has black eyes surrounded by a big, yellow circle. It also has hair at the top of its head that resembles a mohawk. This bird can be found in the tropical forests of the philippines and is a must see if you’re looking for a bird unlike no other.