Australia is one of the most desired places to travel to with its vast diversity in land and culture. Whether your motive for going is to see the Sydney Opera House or a baby kangaroo, Australia has much more to offer than the cliches. With Australia being the 6th largest country in the world, in terms of landmass, there is many sites and places to explore in this tropical and desert-filled island.



Preparation is key for any travel but with a large country like Australia, it is necessary. Since Australia is such a giant country, with a large portion in the center mostly desert, planning ahead for traveling to destination to destination is important.

Australia is a very expensive country in terms of food, transportation and yes, alcohol. An ideal way to budget your travel is to maintain your expenses to $100 a day. This gives you enough money to be able to afford daily amenities with giving you a little wiggle room for fun. Be sure to anticipate unexpected expenses throughout your stay.

As a tourist, the easiest way to travel throughout the country is by the Greyhound system. This is because of the size of the country is so vast and that driving in a rental car by yourself as a tourist through a large amount of desert may not be an ideal situation.


What to See

Of course, the major cities like Sydney are full of fun things to do during your time in Australia. The Sydney Opera House is one of the most iconic buildings to see during a stay in Sydney. A great place to sit and enjoy the essence of Sydney would be to visit Bondi Beach. It is right off the busy Sydney streets with beautiful crystal blue water and clean bright sand.

Melbourne is another great Australian city that arts & culture with events happening year round. The city hosts many concerts and live performances out of The Arts Centre Melbourne. As well, the city is filled with public art on every street. Laneways are hidden throughout the city, which gives it a sense of adventure. These laneways are pumped with public art, great bars, and boutiques that give Melbourne an edge that no other city in Australia has.

This country is worth the time to explore but you will need to prepare and plan appropriately for a successful trip.