Many do not consider Egypt a place to travel when thinking of a getaway vacation. When you hear the word Egypt, you do not see a picturesque, tropical, beach-filled getaway but there are plenty of places to see and experience in this ancient location that does have the getaway feel. There are resorts and plenty of beautiful places to see when in this Mediterranean country.


Sharm El Sheikh

This resort town which sits right between the desert of Sinai Peninsula and the Red Sea is popular for its sandy beaches and blue ocean. The clear water and coral reefs make it the ultimate place to relax and get a tan. The Naama Bay has a plenty of places to eat and drink with a promenade filled with palm trees galore. In the Ras Muhammad National Park, there is an amazing excursion where you have the ability to dive and swim with marine life. The Shark and Yolanda reefs, as well as the Thistlegorm wreck, are all great places to experience near this resort.


The Pyramids

The best thing about seeing the pyramids is that even though they are massive pieces of ancient architecture, they are actually convenient to get to. You hop on a bus in Cairo and head towards the pyramids. Another convenience of seeing the pyramids is that the bus drops you off right in front of the Egyptian Museum. You then have the ability to tour the museum, educate yourself about the history of the pyramids and then go out and actually see them. You will also see the Great Sphinx of Giza at this location as well.


The Temple of Karnak

This location is one of the most recognizable landmarks of Luxor in Egypt. This is the locations where each of the consecutive kinds tried to make his temple the most elaborate so it could be better than their predecessor. These temples represent each king’s attempt at flaunting the most developed stages of Egyptian art and architecture, proving better than the last.

There are a few travel warnings due to some terrorism threats in certain areas of the country. U.S. citizens are warned to stay away from specific places such as the western desert and the Sinai Peninsula. Research what your country says regarding travel warnings.