France is the heart of European culture and is a beautiful country to travel to. It full of rich culture that roots itself in art, science, and philosophy. France has about 83 million tourists annually because of its interesting culture, which is the most of any country in the entire globe. When picking up and visiting France, here are a couple things to keep in mind.



The country of France is quite large and full of different environments from beaches to mountains to major cities. It can become overwhelming to see everything France has to offer if you are traveling through the country in a short amount of time. If you are on a time crunch, be sure to prioritize what you would actually like to experience.

As well, prepare appropriately for the weather. Depending on what time of year you plan to visit, the weather can range from being overcast and muggy to sunny with clear skies.


What to See

When planning a trip to France, the first on most tourist’s lists is to see the Eiffel Tower. It is quite an experience to grab a blanket, wine, and a fresh baguette and have a nice picnic under the massive tower. It is a true French experience to eat and laugh under the romantic monument. Another breathtaking travel destination is the Gardens of Versailles. The architecture and the green designs throughout are full of beauty.

Vineyards and the Champagne region are spectacular to see if you enjoy alcohol. Many locations allow you to tour the where they grow their property and taste their products. It is a lovely time if you want to enjoy the meadows with a glass of some of the best wine in the world.



Eating in France is an experience within itself. The cuisine of this country is like nowhere else. Whether you go to try a croissant or a classic dish like escargot, their food has a certain element of elegance to it. Snails for dinner may seem like a foreign idea to most foreigners but it is a delicacy in France. They serve their escargot hot, still in the shells, with a lot of garlic and butter.

French add a level of flavor to their meals you can not get anywhere else. Whether it be in their desserts like Creme Brulee or a Le Relais de l’Entrecote, their food is something you can not overlook in a trip to the country of France.