For anyone looking to overcome the winter blues, Jamaica is a tropical destination that is rich with beautiful beaches, lagoons, golf courses, and more. This Caribbean gem offers visitors a wide range of activities, from kayaking to shopping to hikes through the splendor of its rainforests.


Where To Go:

Jamaica consists of 14 parishes, but most visitors check out popular locations like Negril, Montego Bay, and Ocho Rios. That doesn’t mean the other parishes have nothing to offer. Kingston is the cultural capital of Jamaica and Port Antonio has some fine beaches, including the famous Blue Lagoon.



Visitors to this lovely, laidback, easygoing region can stay in the Rockhouse Hotel, which is only a couple miles west of Negril. Here, they can enjoy the comfort of the air-conditioned and eco-friendly villas, and visit the popular Seven Mile Beach where they can lie in the sun or go kayaking and sailing. Anyone who strolls along the beach will be treated to vendors who offer everything from crafts to fresh lobster.


Montego Bay:

For those who want to immerse themselves in the culture and history of Jamaica, they should visit the Museum of St. James found in Montego Bay (also known as “MoBay”). This area on the northern shore of Jamaica also features the historic Round Hill Hotel and Villas, which is just a few miles outside of the area. This popular hotel once hosted greats like Grace Kelly, Cole Porter, and Jackie Kennedy. Golfers can work on their swing at either the White Witch Golf Course or Tryall Club Golf Course.


Ocho Rios:

Also along the northern shore is Ocho Rios, the birthplace of Bob Marley and home to the Bob Marley Museum and Mausoleum, which can be found in St. Ann’s Bay, a small town that also features some popular dining spots. While in Ocho Rios, visitors may want to check out the Dunn’s River Falls. Guests can take a guided climb up the falls or relax at the bottom. The falls boasts some incredible views that should delight any shutterbug.

This is only a small slice of the many things visitors can find in Jamaica. There are many more hidden wonders waiting to be discovered and enjoyed.