With summer in full swing, the siren call of a sandy beach cannot be ignored. Beach vacations should not be limited to the popular options of Waikiki or Miami Beach. Here are a few of the world’s best beaches when you are looking to scratch that itch for adventure and try something off the beaten path:

GRACE BAY – PROVIDENCIALES, TURKS AND CAICOS ISLANDS: This not-to-be-missed beach boasts the most unique hue of light aqua found at no other beach on the planet. Conveniently located just steps away from the best resorts of the islands, Grace Bay combines luxury accommodations with pristine sands and water.

EL CASTILLO – TULUM, MEXICO: This beach vacation combines the history of Mexico with the vibrancy of its colorful beaches. Lounge on the beach with the majestic Mayan ruins in the background or partake in the authentic fish tacos while taking a salsa dance lesson. Whatever your fancy, El Castillo is an ideal beach location.

TOFINO – VANCOUVER ISLAND, BRITISH COLUMBIA: Most people do not think of Canada as a beach destination, however, Tofino is out to prove the doubters wrong. While it might not provide the warmest water, Tofino makes up for it with its white sandy beaches and exceptional surfing conditions. The grandiose mountains towering in the background just add to its uniqueness.

EAST BEACH – SANTA BARBARA, CALIFORNIA: This iconic Southern California beach epitomizes the best of the state’s offerings. From the magnificent blue waters to the quintessential palm trees to the blazing California sun, East Beach has it all. Outdoor enthusiasts will delight in the winding bike baths perfect for running and biking along the scenic coastline.

MAKENA – MAUI, HAWAII: No list of best beaches is complete without an entry from the Hawaiian Islands. Makena gets the nod here for its orangish sand and unforgettable sunsets. The warm tradewinds and amazing snorkeling opportunities make this a perfect beach getaway.

CALA DEIA – MALLORCA, SPAIN: Discover what Europeans have known forever — the beaches of Spain feature some of the most interesting vacation spots in the world. Cala Deia boasts a shingle beach surrounded by towering cliffs. Foodies will appreciate the fresh seafood brought in to satisfy any appetite.